Saturday, August 28, 2010

hiatus turns extended leave

Well, this year has gone fast and completely unproductive (as far as pottery goes)! I think I should have expected as much, seeing as I did almost nothing when I was carrying Wren as well. But I did have high hopes. Once I finally got over the first trimester doldrums, I thought I would be back at it and going strong. Little did I know that Mother Nature had a different idea in her mind. Because, precisely when I stopped being ill and flopping about was the time the 90+ temperatures kicked in and have been unrelenting ever since. No kidding, I don't think it's often been below 90 degrees since April, with many of them approaching 100 or above. Add pregnancy to that and it feels like it's about 125 in my studio. No thank you. The only times I've been outside this summer, I have been in a swimming pool. Total weather wimp? Yes, why thank you, I am this year.

The other surprise was how I carried Doughnut, Wren's choice of name for her little sister to be. I went straight out and low very fast, with the rest of me stubbornly staying the same. I had to include one of the lovely pictures my friend Sharon took as a testament to my burgeoning belly. While this may be interesting, visually, it completely destroyed my stomach muscles as soon as I started to show. I've been in the studio twice this summer, only to find it impossible to center with such a weirdly proportioned burden in front. I tried everything, even throwing on my knees, and could not make anything to save my life. Until delivery, I'm afraid my center is pretty skewed.

However, it's been completely worth it and I cannot wait to meet the little creature who has given us such an adventure this year. Which should be soon... I only have two weeks until my due date! And pottery will come back as soon as I get my life balanced again and can fit it into my mommy life with two little beings to care for. I'll try to post as soon as she makes herself known!

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Studio√ČLAN said...

Amy -you look beautiful and you are busy making beautiful things! Drop by the Mud Team with pictures when the dust settles!