Sunday, February 28, 2010


Okay, some people may have thought that I have been an awful slacker since Christmas, and they would be right. Except, I have an excellent reason for my lack of interest in pottery production. Well, a couple of reasons. First of which, it has been ungodly cold in these parts lately, with weeks of freezing temperatures and even the occasional appearance of snow! We usually see one slushy event per year if we're lucky, but this year we've had a couple of impressive snowfalls, much to Wren's delight. No point in throwing a bunch of stuff if it's only going to freeze, though, and I haven't felt like schlepping things back and forth from warm house to studio.

Second reason for my winter hiatus was the New Year's day surprise we received:

Yep, we found out that day that we were once again expecting. This time, things seem to be working out a bit better (fingers crossed, elbows kissed, and wood knocked). I'm at twelve weeks right now and the last ultrasound this week showed a healthy looking kicking monkey. I am, needless to say, cautiously thrilled. But, I am also exhausted. It's really been all I can muster just to keep up with daily life, so pottery is taking a bit of a back seat for now. At least until I get some energy back.

Added injury and illness would be the devastating case of bronchitis I came down with this week, which completely floored me, and the horrifying news that one of my family members was life-threateningly ill and in the hospital. This week has been a little much.

Hopefully, I can pull it all back together and get cranking again before I get too huge (and I feel that may be sooner than I'd like to think) or the weather goes straight to hell hot again!