Friday, November 13, 2009

new things all around me

This has been a busy busy busy couple of months. Full of great changes and adjustments. We're just rolling with it. For the most part. Sometimes, I try to stop rolling with it and then it rolls me over and I flop and flail around for a bit until I can get back with it and start rolling again. Does that make any sense?

Anywhoo. We'll start with Ian's new job. Ian had been with Pier 1 forever. Or, at least for 13 years. So, when the opportunity arose, he finally felt it was time to move on. He started with GE in the middle of September, which involved a lot of out of town training for about 6 weeks. Needless to say, I didn't have a lot of time to get pottery done. I was mostly trying to keep Wren as happy as she could be, considering she thought he had left us. I had shows right in the middle of this period as well, so I was killing myself trying to get things made in time while Wren was sleeping. Well, we all know how those turned out. Ahem. So I had enough made to let me relax for awhile. Be burnt out for a bit. Knit things in my spare time. But, I'm back to it now. Really! I've got something quite exciting in the works, which will be unveiled soon. It involves a new shape. hee hee!

Ian decided to sheet rock my studio this week, which was super exciting. I'll have walls! I'll have a ceiling!!! I'll be able to heat the place effectively! He went and got all of the supplies on Sunday, so Wren and I made sure we had a place to put the sheet rock. I helped unload all thirty sheets of it from the truck and realized I might not be the greatest of helpers. I'm a trooper at working, but if someone's going to drop a corner of the stuff on their hand or get injured, I'm the one. Poor Ian.

We had to move things around quite a bit so that he could get to the walls as well. Wren ordered me to make a horse as we were moving and cleaning. A horse? I'm no handbuilder or sculptor, but I managed to work one out. She gave him many wild rides on the banding wheel until he took one to many spills and his head fell off. Poor horse.

She did make herself useful with the shop vac, though. Well, she did make herself loud with the shop vac, at least. Poor Wren.

Finally, I managed to get my new website up and running. I thought that it was a thing of beauty. As long as you pull it up in internet explorer. Otherwise, it's a messy mess. Or so I've heard. Actually, my friend Pam was kind enough to catalogue and e-mail me examples of the messy mess. Ouch. Oh well, check it out:!