Wednesday, September 10, 2008

show me... etsy!

Alright, I have taken my first steps towards actually selling something that I make by creating an etsy shop. You can now find and buy my things at Hopefully, it will be a positive experience and I'll connect with some great new people! And, hopefully, it will be worth the time you have to put into posting a listing. Whoo! Taking and formatting pictures, writing descriptions, trying to calculate postage. It's enough to make a girl cranky.

Now, Wren's asleep so I need to do some serious work to get ready for the Garden Grove show on the 20th. The kiln's going, the creative juices flowing, the time's running out... gotta go!

Friday, September 5, 2008

teaching and making faces

I haven't posted in awhile, but honestly I've been too busy to have a coherent thought. I have, however, had two more successful glaze firings. Definitely getting back into the groove of things, not feeling as scared about the way things will turn out. Now it's back into my throwing cycle. It's really hard, because I learned as a production potter so I want to make each form as uniform as possible, letting the variations come in the painting. However, I never seem to write down the measurements of anything as I'm throwing, so it's a guessing game each time I get into it again. Mugs, for example. The ones that I just finished were actually thrown and bisque fired right when I became pregnant. Two years ago. Now I'm trying to throw and thinking... was that 4 inches high originally... or 4.5... okay it wasn't five... damn. I'll figure it out. And will start a list of sizes. Eventually. Right now, it is very satisfying to have my cupboards full of unmeasured pots.

I am, however, getting extremely organized as I get ready to start my online Etsy store. I've got a code system, am making spreadsheets, labeling all of the pots that are going online, and taking mass quantities of pictures. And formatting mass quantities of pictures. God save my eyes, as I'm going completely blind trying to get them just the right size and brightness and, well, you can see where I'm going. OCD city.

I am letting loose and getting back into making face planters recently. I used to make them when I was apprenticing, made about three and have never wanted to let them go. However, I had forgotten how much fun it can be. So, there will be more. Because my house cannot support any more, they will be for sale. Really. Maybe I'll get my whimsical side out for good and really let go!

Yesterday I had an e-mail in my box from stone carver extraordinaire Dean Reganess, asking that I be a part of his show this month. Thank goodness I've been hustling, because I am ready! It should be cool, it's a day and night of Old World Art. Wine and cheese, tent already set up, Celtic music. Sounds just about perfect. Look for me on the 20th at Garden Grove in Huntersville. Also, there will be a silent auction to benefit Hindsfeet Farm, an organization to help those with traumatic brain injuries. Seeing as Ian has epilepsy from a head trauma, I will be making something really nice.

And finally, today I had my very first student, Michaela. She's 13 and is home-schooled, so morning classes work just fine for her. I've got to say, I was impressed. She was really mature, focused, and strong as all get out. She managed a bowl and pitcher set before her time was up and actually tried pulling a handle. I have to admit, I really enjoyed teaching. I can't wait until I get more students. I'm beat, though. It's a lot easier just throwing than trying to help someone else do it!