Sunday, January 3, 2010

Busy busy busy and stop

I had a wild couple of weeks before Christmas trying to get everything painted and fired and baked and wrapped and sent and... Christmassesd. So, I'm cutting myself a bit of slack now and falling into a bit of burnout phase again. You know, sinking into the couch in front of the fire and knitting. Instead of braving the 30 degree highs and getting out into the studio. But, hand building may actually be accomplished this week. Maybe. We've got a new challenge for the mud team, a kiln god swap. Let's see if I can pull it together before the 18th...

Sooo, you may wonder, what kinds of things did you make for friends and family this year? That's the fun of Christmas, making new things and patterns up for my loved ones. For my precious child I made the half sized mug:

And the tiny starry tea set:

For my sister, the fetishghost inspired footed pedestal cup:

For my mom, the soup mug:

For my sis in law, the night garden mug:

Hopefully, everything will be enjoyed and used. Wren has already been loving her new Wren mug for the purpose of hot chocolate. I'm just hoping that it warms up enough that we can resume our walks around the neighborhood soon! Nothing like taking a long walk and coming home to fire in the fireplace and a nice mug of cocoa. I'm about as dull as dishwater right now, so will write again when I find my normal wittiness.

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FetishGhost said...

I love all of it, but I LOVE the cup!