Wednesday, August 5, 2009

bigger and bigger and bigger and pop!

Well, it's been fun and excitement all around lately. I had my first real custom orders on etsy this past week, including the most awesome description ever. This woman included a full page thesis of the bowls she wanted, complete with links to examples, measurements, and a scale drawing of a side and aerial view of the bowl using a photo from my shop. Awesome. So much easier to make something when you have plans like that. She had a great idea for noodle bowls, too. They may become a staple of what I make. The other will be my first international order, also really exciting!

I finished my largest piece to date today, which is standing at about 30". It's neck got a little lean-y, but otherwise it's pretty cool. If I say so myself. The coil and throw thing is definitely getting easier, it just takes really precise timing. And lots of patience. And luck. And the planets aligning and a big one legged hoodoo dance while burning sage.

I will not include a picture of me with the pot. Why, you ask? Is it because you are so shiny and unwell looking, Amy? I will tell you. Yes, I am. Because it's as hot as hell in a microwave with 5000% humidity. Remember all of that whinging about the cold studio? Well, same song, different lyrics. Here's what the kiln that I was loading today told me about the indoor temperature situation:

I'm thinking about trading my throwing chair for a block of ice!


Pam McFadyen said...

Wow! That's a huge fantastic vessel. Congratulations on the custom order!

FetishGhost said...

Love your Blog! I see I've got another place to visit in the morning with my cuppa joe.

Anonymous said...

That's a big pot there, alright. And a hot studio! Get that gallery show, sell some of those suckers, and get some climate control in there! I'd have been done for 5 degrees ago.
Congrats on the custom orders! I just finished a couple of small ones, and my brother (bless him) just ordered 4 rather large wedding gifts. They keep us going!

Stay cool- make some real lemonade, it's too refreshing for words.

Anonymous said...

hey, congrats on the BYOB contest! Though I bet you'll win every contest you enter- your work is so AMAZING!

Amy Hunt Callahan said...

Thanks! You make me feel all shiny. And completey panicked to come up with something cool for the next one, due next week. eek!